Lets Go Back Tour & Concert Series is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in New York, NY. Our purpose is to address social and education issues that are having a more adverse impact on youth in under-served communities of the South Bronx.

The youths in these communities tend to score lower the other areas on New York City and below the national average in thier core academics of mathematics, reading, and science. Their communities are grossly underserved when it come to good educational resources. These issues coupled with the daily mental and physical stress, emotional disparity, and diminished sense of self esteem they also have to endure within there community and you have a sure formula for routine school failure and increased high school dropout rates.

This a need that requires immediately attention! There are some magnificent young minds in the South Bronx and we but they need our help to make sure that they get a fair and equal education opportunity. Our program aims to motivate these in-need youths. We provide the additional education support for those that are doing well, and empowerment, mentoring, and the academic support they need to achieve greater success in their studies and in their lives. Lets Go Back Tour & Concert Series will impact lives with our program endeavors, and change communities through the power of our education program.

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 Lets go Back Tour & Concert Series Organization Headquarters New York, NY Bronx County, NY 10475 (770) 383-1035  copyright 2013 all rights reserved


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